I was sent by Anthony M. and I really had a great experience. I work in a financial firm and I have to come in a suit every day.  I used Kayani Uomo for a suit and shirts and it was exceptional. The fabrics and fit were great and best of all the Price, definitely cheaper than what I used to pay at Saks and Barneys. Highly recommended.

​Joseph R, Brooklyn NY

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What sets us apart from our competition is our pricing and personalized service.  We were at the forefront of the suit revolution, making bespoke, suits more readily available.  This is why we have customers returning again and again for the last twenty-five years. 

​Our clothing has all the unique features – all at amazingly affordable prices.  In addition to suits, we also carry sport coats, dress slacks, coats, dress shirts, and ties.

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I have enjoyed exceptional clothing and outstanding value from Kayani Uomo for more than 25 years. Kayani Uomo serves bankers, lawyers, businessmen, and others who can afford to shop anywhere but appreciate the excellent value-for-money, the personal service, and (above all) the clothing expertise that Kayani Uomo represents. I work for a global financial institution, and the suits I've bought Kayani Uomo are routinely the envy of many of my peers, who get their clothing in London, Rome, Madrid, etc. -- and who (needless to say) are paying multiples of what I pay for Kayani Uomo superior goods, service, and style. Kayani is a mensch -- a gentleman and an honest designer. I trust Kayani If he cannot do something, he will tell you. If he counsels against something, I'd suggest you listen -- his words are based on long experience. In the rare case where something is not right, Kayani will make it right, no extra charge. I am at the point where he and I rarely discuss prices -- I know that Kayani is more than fair, and the standard discounts -- let alone his specials -- put his goods in a category by themselves. I know of no other designer in NYC who could do as good a job, using the best fabric and materials, for a price  anywhere near as low. There is no "schmeer" at Kayani Uomo -- nothing plush just the best goods at the fairest prices. It is not for everyone, but most of Kayani Uomo loyal clients will be happy if it remains that way
​Larry B - New York, NY 

Great experience. My brother has no patience to shop for clothing, so he usually relies on me to do all his clothing shopping. This works fine with pants and sweaters, but not with suits. After pushing it off for a while, he finally admitted that he needed a few new suits. A friend had recommended Kayani Uomo, and I was excited to check it out. It was the perfect place for my brother. Kayani helped us from the start, and it was obvious that he really knew his stuff...he guessed (correctly) my brother 's exact size  and in a heartbeat pulled out a few different styles for him to try on. They all fit great! We quickly chose two of the best ones, and the in-house tailor did some pinning to adjust the length on the  pants. This all took under 15 minutes!! something my brother was thrilled about. The fabric and design selection was great! They really knew their stuff, knew their inventory, were helpful, courteous and (most importantly) quick. We will def. be going back!

Maria B, New York NY


We've built our reputation on excellence in CLOTHING, with a constant focus on serving our customers

Kayani Uomo is a family run operation.  Our market niche is discounting high end  Italian-made merchandise. 

​Our prides itself on the personalized attention we offer to each and every client.

Our clientele includes leaders in national and local governments. They continue to rely on Kayani Uomo . 


Our suits are Made in Italy, using old world techniques with an emphasis on contemporary styling.


Clothing in New York  City  and  high  quality  men's bespoke suits at affordable prices.


Staff is always available to advise and guide you in the selection process.


Are unparalleled quality and style with soft comfort and an elegant appearance.

Our personalized services and expert advice

makes us the right choice for you.