At Kayani Uomo, we have been creating pants for our distinguished customers for three decades.  With the finest fabrics, old world craftsmanship, we have satisfied thousands of customers in the New York and surrounding areas.  If you are seeking only the perfect fit then come in today to see why we remain unrivalled in the area of men’s pants. Using only the most refined fabrics. Kayani can help you realize your vision, your sense of style, as well as a perfect fit.  

Kayani has been hand-crafting men’s shirts with the highest quality workmanship and detail for over twenty five years.  There is no limit when it comes to our dress shirts.  Choose from a wide array of fabrics available in a vast spectrum of colors, fabrications and patterns.  Included among them are 140’s Two Ply, Sea Island and Prima Cottons in solids, patterns, pinpoint Oxfords, chambrays, linens, tone-on-tones patterned in stripes, checks, plaids and herringbones. Kayani Uomo shirts are a timeless style and a beautiful fit..

All of our suits are created from the finest fabrics, top quality superior wool to keep its shape and withstand the test of time, while remaining both comfortable and attractive.  By using only cutting edge technologies, our silhouettes reflect a refined sense of elegance. Using the finest fabrics from the best fabric mills in Italy. Our vast expertise and reputation for refined clothing that still capture a youthful and elegant style have made us the top choice in this area. We are committed to providing you unparalleled excellence and a superior quality fitting every time.  Our thousands of satisfied customers speak of the dedication, art and stringent standards we apply to our tailoring, using old world techniques in a state of the art factory.  The bottom line is we have the best suits New York has to offer! 

Since 1989, Kayani Uomo of New York, NY has sold thousands of suits. We are known not only for the quality but also for the elegance and progressive styling that keeps us in sync with the latest trends.  We will work with you one on one, to your exact specifications, so that you will be satisfied with your purchase.  Whether you are a hard-to-fit size or just want clothing with the most luxurious fabrics or unique styling, Kayani has the experienced to create something that no one else can: Our clothing that fit better than any other. Our experts will walk you through the process each step of the way.

Our outstanding selection of accessories includes Kayani Uomo neckties, belts, handkerchiefs, and wallets. Be sure to look at our silk ties.